Games Protoculture will release a huge DLC for the Devil Engine game, which will increase the size of the game. Currently, it is possible to play DLC demo with a rogue code.

According to the DLC trailer called Ignition Engine Devil, which you can see from the video below, this DLC brings six new stages in the game and another ship that will be displayed early this year. Protokultura has shown a demo for Ignition at the independent Japanese Bitsummit Game Festival and you can play demo with a rogue code on the main menu if you have the main game. The fraud code is: Up, Down, Up, Down, LT, RT, LB, RB, then F5 and Enter

The demo seems to have existed since version 1.0 of the game. This means that everyone has lost the demo so far. You can also play demos with Scathach if you add 1 to the end of the code.

Devil Engine, released in February, is generally well-commented and 95% of the steam comments are positive. Although only 45 comments, it is at least possible to say that it is worth considering. You can also view the DLC demo from the video below:


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