Tesla vehicles display a game with retro graphics.
Introduced in 2014 and officially released on October 29, 2017, the Cuphead game is a platform game that looks extremely simple but is almost impossible to exit once entered. Tesla plans to bring this game to the touch screen of electric vehicles.

Developed by Studio MDHR, Cuphead has recently come to sell over 3 million on Xbox One and PC platforms. The protagonist, who is quite familiar to the eye, was inspired by a cartoon published in the 1930s. According to a report published by the US-based video game and entertainment site IGN, Cuphead is coming to Tesla’s Model 3, Model S and Model X tools very soon.

The large touch screens, expressed as the brains of the vehicles mentioned, also have powerful chipsets. Cuphead game is planned to be presented to the user through these screens. Elon Musk, CEO of the company, said:

“We’re working on Cuphead. The developers of the game are helping to bring this to life. A nice and fun game, however, is insanely hard and sadistic. It looks like a cute little Disney piece.”

Source: https://www.windowscentral.com/cuphead-launches-tesla-vehicles-summer


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