In a recent interview, Ubisoft said that Rainbow Six Siege will also come to next-generation platforms. But it wasn’t explained how they would do it.
Rainbow Six Siege is one of the longest-running games of all time. The game has been played so long, it can be said that it has become a new game with the updates made over the years. Even some of the review sites made the re-reviews in the game even.

After all this long-running success, Ubisoft is wondering how to manage the transition to the next generation.

Alexandre Remy, manager of the Rainbow Six brand, said that they didn’t plan to take this process with a continuation game. Remy said they don’t want to imprison their actors on different platforms. He explained that players from all platforms would like to set up a platform where they can play together.

There are disadvantages of entering the new generation with the same game. In fact, with the advancing technology, both the consoles and the computers can change. As such, people with new devices are more advantageous in the competitive platform. When asked what would they do with this, Alexandre Remy said that he had not yet answered that question.

Although there are questions left unanswered, the E3, which will take place in the near future, may come with explanations on this issue.



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