The fervor I got the previous evening when I heard that you can make this appearance and for no one but 5€, can’t be contrasted with any energy I had from one game in my gaming vacation! Better believe it! Alright, perhaps when I figured out how to play Kerbal Space Program. Yet at the same time, perhaps not. Since this game presents to me my beloved recollections. I recollect those occasions and those emotions I had when I made this appearance.

I sound old, possibly I am, however at this point, I am a kid with my new game and I couldn’t care less what you state! 😀

anyway, the game I am discussing is STAR WARS Episode I: Racer!…racing…game

Try not to try and attempt to state that either game is better! No! As I stated, I am presently a youngster and I have my new game.

You can purchase the game on GOG Galaxy for 5€, as it’s on special now for half.

In the event that you at any point made this appearance, I realize you will be energized as I am. The game is so great and I can’t recollect any game where you could fly/drive this quick and still you can control your vehicle. The challenge is extreme and you can lose your position simple on the off chance that you are not concentrated. Realizing every one of the controls enables you to control your podracer a lot simpler and still, at the end of the day, it is quite difficult.

It’s one of those hustling game where you’re sweat-soaked after you got done with gaming. In any case, exactly how it brings those cherished recollections is something unique to me. I considerably recollect each edge of the main race, which is truly astounding that it stuck in my mind following 15 years.

I recollect that you can update your podracer, however despite everything I have to recall how to do it. Each race is vastly different and harder as you go on so you need your moves up to rival intense adversaries. Jaba Jubba Lubba Dabba!

Anyway, I trust you know this game and in the event that you do, get it! You won’t think twice about it, I guarantee you. The illustrations are great since you can transform them to ”HD” 🙂 You simply need to open Video Settings before the game and utilize your screen goals and you’re ready!


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