In Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves, was a musical crew lead artist before, uncovering bits of gossip that Reeves could make the showing.

In Cyberpunk 2020, motivated by Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhand’s character was the lead vocalist of a musical crew called Samaurai. It would appear that the historical backdrop of the character referenced in Cyberpunk 2077 is very close. In light of these gossipy tidbits, Cyberpunk 2077’de Keanu Reeves who played this character is probably going to have the option to make the appearance’s music.

Given Keanu Reeves’ own melodic foundation, the on-screen character is probably going to make music for the character’s experience in CD Projekt RED’s profoundly foreseen science fiction play, at any rate during the story. What the designer needs to state about the game’s music does exclude an announcement affirming or dismissing it.

At the point when Pawel Sasko, the errand originator of the game, posed this inquiry, he didn’t act exceptionally chatty and stated, somebody One of the things I can’t discuss is I can’t support or cannot. Actually, the overwhelming type of Keanu’s music you heard when he showed up in front of an audience was Johnny Silverhand’s very own voice. Yet, I can’t discuss it yet. ”

As indicated by VG247, who posed the inquiry, Keanu’s music played when Chippin ‘In’ was made by Swedish underground rock band Refused. It is misty as of now whether the designer CD Projekt RED will proceed with this band or make music with Keanu Reeves. Be that as it may, as Sasko states, the circumstance isn’t yet clear.


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