As a standout amongst the most prominent first-individual shooter Counter Strike’s twentieth birthday celebration is drawing nearer, Valve has reported a retro adaptation of the Dust 2 map, which is as prevalent as the game itself.

Before long we’ll state, “How? Has that truly occurred? What time has it been this time?” questions. The legend of Counter Strike will commend its twentieth birthday celebration in the coming years. Obviously, it is difficult for such a legend to go to its present position, yet Valve is getting ready to commend the wonder of Counter Strike.

As you can envision, this festival is about Dust 2, an incredible guide up to Counter Strike. Authorities said that players can play the retro adaptation of Dust 2, a standout amongst the most favored maps of Counter Strike, at the commemoration occasions.

In conclusion, the Dust 2 map, which was reestablished in 2017, has been generally examined, however, gamers have grasped it soon. The retro Dust 2 is playable, and numerous gamers will recollect their past. With the appearance of the retro guide, it will be how you are utilized to. Here is the CS: GO pictures shared from your Twitter account;


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