PUBG is one of the famous Battle Royale amusements.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is accepting a noteworthy update today. A component in the update will be very recognizable to Apex Legends players in light of the fact that PUBG is changing to a fundamentally the same as framework to Apex Legends in radio messages.

In PUBG Update 30, which is as of now dynamic on test servers, players can open the radio messages screen by squeezing the mouse wheel or utilizing F3. There are diverse message choices on the radio messages screen, from the requirement for help to the presence of the adversary.

When you select the foe position, the point you appear on the guide is stamped and it peruses the separation to your colleagues. All things considered, the new ping framework is by all accounts helpful for organizing with non-voice clients.

Another new component that PUBG is roused by Apex Legends is the hold on the edge. Together with this element, players, by squeezing the space key in the wake of ricocheting (or whatever key is utilized to bob, for example, rooftops or compartments, for example, holding the projection, however the designer organization, this element will come in the following update said.


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