The Sinking City, developed by the Frogwares team, known for its Sherlock Holmes games, is a game that wants to stand out with its exploration and detective elements as well as its dark theme. Introduced in the early eighth generation of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, Frogwares followed a similar path in The Sinking City.

Character animations, NPCs’ reactions to us, detective dynamics, and the interface seem to be largely taken from Sherlock Holmes games.

Developers who choose a totally dark atmosphere on the story side give our control a private detective. Similar to Max Payne, our main character, struggling with psychological distress, finds himself in Oakmont, The Sinking City, after nights of nightmares.

Our detective, set out to find what caused his nightmares, begins his adventure on the misty streets of Oakmont. The game, which starts quite quickly, leaves dozens of question marks in the player’s head. The Sinking City, which is sufficient in terms of storytelling, could not only cover all the negative sides in this aspect.

The developers who transferred the detective and case-solving mechanics directly from the Sherlock Holmes games to the new game, unfortunately did not shed much sweat in the character animations section. Using character animations from the PlayStation 2 era, The Sinking City, which competes with next-generation games, has pretty bad animations.

Although there are players who argue that there should not be much reaction to this situation, it would be a wrong choice to ignore such shortcomings in this period when the new generation consoles look through the door.


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